Why is BannersField worth choosing?
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Extensive experience

We have been engaged in Internet marketing for more than 10 years. We are ready to give all the accumulated experience to all of our clients.

Thousands of banners

Choose the goods and services of your favorite brands and run the ad on the Internet in just a few clicks.

The best placement

Selected banners will be placed in the best places on the Internet. No one can pass by!

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Opportunities for earnings on the Internet have existed for a long time. But most of them are risky or require special knowledge. Until today, there was no project that would allow everyone to earn money without exception and had a guaranteed payment. One of the few such projects has become a BannerField. The advertising industry was chosen as source of earnings, annual turnover of which is more than $ 600 billion today. There are few areas compared with such figures.



Due to the fact that the system was developed and created by professional marketers, you will be required to perform simple actions. You will get special skills in the process of working with your personal manager.

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1. Registration and selection of advertising product

In order to access our system, a simple registration procedure is required. It should not take you more than 3 minutes.

After registration, you will be redirected to your personal advertising account. You will be able to find hundreds of offers from various advertisers there, as well as the terms for advertisement placement. For each individual product offer, you will see its minimum value, the period of placement of the advertising banner, and how much you will be paid by the employer for it.

2. The launch of an advertising campaign for the product selected

Once you have decided on the product offer that you want to advertise, you need to launch an advertising campaign.

If you are performing this action for the first time, we recommend you to ask advice from your personal manager. He will tell you, what are the best settings for this advertising offer, and will be able to tell more about the whole mechanism of operation. At this stage, you are not required any narrow knowledge in the field of Internet marketing.

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3. Tracking results and reward.

Each advertising campaign has its own duration of show. In other words, this is the minimum time that your chosen advertising banner will be shown on the web.

During the advertising campaign, you can track all the important indicators in real time. You can usually see the result of advertising campaign within 30 minutes after starting it. All the indicators and figures also help to understand the personal manager. Average profit margin on advertising campaigns is 170%. That is, for every $ 100 spent, you will get 170$ on average.

Sign up without hesitation. We provide a trial period to all our new clients. If you don't like something at the end of your first ad campaign, we will refund all your expenses without a single question!


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How can I earn with BannerField?

Everything is quite simple. You choose one of the existing banners and pay for its shows on the web. Every time someone clicks on this banner, so you will earn money.

How does it work?

BannerField unites people from all over the world and gives the opportunity to advertise their own products, to place someone else's products or earn on clicks. We cooperate with global manufacturers and the largest online stores that are interested in selling their goods or services. After launching an advertising banner, it will begin to appear on hundreds of websites, thereby increasing the involvement of the audience, bringing profits to the sellers of goods, the owners of the web sites where the banners were placed, as well as to YOU.

Can I view statistics for my banner?

Of course, you get access to full analytics after launching the banner in your personal account. You can track the number of shows and number of clicks. This will allow you to track your results in real time.

What are the restrictions on opening an account in the system?

The user must be over 18 years of age and must not be associated with money laundering or sponsoring terrorism. Otherwise, opening an account will be denied.

Do you think that this is for you?

Then sign up, it doesn't take more than 2 minutes. We have thousands of people working with us all over the world!

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